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In October 2015 I had the big opening day after spending two years turning my old barn into Galleri Gårda. It is a wonderful space that I fill with my own and other photographers pictures, art and music. My vision is to bring more culture to the islanders all year around and also to show the world what a wonderful place Hönö is!


In 2013 I started the blog Henisland to document the journey of turning the barn into a gallery. The blog has now grown to cover histories of the island, food and trips to all the ten islands in the Northern archipelago.

How to get here:

The easiest way is by bus, number 291 towards Fotö will take you from Nils Ericsson terminal all the way to our door. As a plus you get to see most of Hönö from the top of a comfy double-decker(don’t panic when it goes over to Fotö it will turn around back to Hönö again). When there’s no direct bus Röd express leaves frequently from Centralen to the ferry, Lilla Varholmen. Take the car/passenger ferry, 12min across and then there’s a 20min walk to the gallery. If you come by car it’s about 25-30min from central Gothenburg to the ferry(the ferry is free), there are two parking places outside the gallery or you can park by the church if there is room. There is also a cycle path all the way from “town”, if you feel for a nice work out!


The ferry takes cars and passengers (for free!) from Lilla Varholmen to Hönö Pinan and back. It takes 12 min and they rund frequently and in every weather. For timetable check

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